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Tableta Oral Palatable Tablets Healthy bones and teeth



  • Each tablet contains: Calcium 300 mg, phosphorus 200 mg, magnesium 2.5 mg, vitamin D3 300 IU, vitamin C 25.00 mg, excipients q.s.p. 1 tablet


t helps strengthen bones and joints, providing the optimal daily amount of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D prevents the deficiency of the components present in the formula. Ideal for periods of rapid growth, pregnancy and lactation. Puppies: Promotes normal growth and development of bones, joints and healthy teeth. Adults: Maintains strong bones and healthy teeth, promotes proper pregnancy and lactation. Seniors: Delays the deterioration of bones and teeth.

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 100 tablets , Bottle x 60 tablets ,

Dosage and Administration

Daily oral supplement. Because of its high palatability, it can be administered directly, before meals or disintegrating them, mixing them with them. Maintenance of adult dogs: 1/2 tablet per 10 kg p.v./day. Growing puppies and females in pregnancy or lactation: 1 tablet / 10 kg of p.v./day Dogs greater than 30 kg: no more than 3 tablets daily. Maintenance of adult cats: 1/4 tablet per 2kg of p.v./day. Kittens in growth and females in gestation or lactation: 1/2 tablet per 2kg of p.v./day. Cats greater than 3 kg: no more than 1 tablet daily. This administration provides 60% of the daily recommendation of calcium, and phosphorus for cats.

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